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Malika Auvray
CNRS Director of Research, PhD, HDR


4 place Jussieu, 75005 Paris


I'm a CNRS Director of Research (DR2) in Cognitive Sciences in Paris. I conduct my research at the Institute for Intelligent Systems and Robotics (ISIR) Sorbonne-University.

My research focuses on how our multisensory experiences shape our perception of the world and of the self.

My ongoing research projects aim at understanding:

1) The extent to which perceptual functions in a given sensory modality can be enriched or compensated by information provided via another sensory modality. 2) How technology (such as rehabilitation devices and multisensory interfaces) modifies our perception of the world. 3) The processes underlying spatial cognition, and in particular the links between spatial and social perspective taking.


Baiano, C., Job, X., Kirsch, L.P., & Auvray, M. (2023). Interoceptive abilities facilitate taking another’s spatial perspective. Scientific Reports, 13, 10064. (link) (pdf)

Job, X., Kirsch, L., & Auvray, M. (2022). Spatial perspective-taking: Insights from sensory impairments.  Experimental Brain Research, 240, 27-37. (link) (pdf)

Baiano, C., Job, X., Auvray§, M., & Kirsch§, L. (2021). Interactions between interoception and perspective-taking: Current state of research and future directions. Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews, 130, 252-262. (§shared last authorship). (link) (pdf)

Pesnot-Lerousseau, J., Arnold, G., & Auvray, M. (2021). Training-induced plasticity enables visualizing sounds with a visual-to-auditory conversion device. Scientific Reports, 11, 14762. (link) (pdf)

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